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Bugreport Boosc: Eeprom_write() Without Optimation Don't Work

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there is a problem with all optimation off and the eeprom_write().


The disassembled code looks like this (optimation off):

--- E:\Prg\compiler.6\picantc\libc\eeprom\eeprom.c ---------------------------------------------


020D 3055 MOVLW 0x55

020E 1683 BSF 0x3, 0x5

020F 1703 BSF 0x3, 0x6

0210 008D MOVWF 0xd

0211 30AA MOVLW 0xaa

0212 1683 BSF 0x3, 0x5

0213 1703 BSF 0x3, 0x6

0214 008D MOVWF 0xd



The disassembled code for optimation on looks like this:

--- E:\Prg\compiler.6\picantc\libc\eeprom\eeprom.c ---------------------------------------------


0111 3055 MOVLW 0x55

0112 1683 BSF 0x3, 0x5

0113 1703 BSF 0x3, 0x6

0114 008D MOVWF 0xd

0115 30AA MOVLW 0xaa

0116 008D MOVWF 0xd




The first version don't work (EEProm not changed).

Bankswitching is not needed here, but done if the optimation is off.

0212 1683 BSF 0x3, 0x5

0213 1703 BSF 0x3, 0x6


But this distroed the needed sequence (Writing to Data EEPROM Memory in the datasheet):

>>Execute the special five instruction sequence:

>>• Write 55h to EECON2 in two steps (first

>>to W, then to EECON2)

>>• Write AAh to EECON2 in two steps (first

>>to W, then to EECON2)



Device: PIC16F876A

BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.96 (for PIC16 architecture)

BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.96


I switched the optimation on, but i think it should also work with optimation off.

Any Idea?


Greetings from Germany


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