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Problem with UNARY operator

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The compiler is having a problem with the UNARY operator in the following piece of Code:




 char i = 0;


 gpio |= LE;             // set the bit, raising LE HIGH

 gpio &= !LE;           // bring LE low again, data is latched



When the last line is compiled into the code, an error message is generated reading;

"Unexpected UNAR operation". If you remove the last line, then the code compiles without errors. This is a BUG, and would like to know when a fix could be available. This is a pretty common operation in embedded programming and with out it, coding is useless.



Jerry Mulchin

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Here is my $0.02...


The "!" operator is used to invert the results of a logical

operation, like ... if ( x != 55 ).  The result of using "!" is

either false (0x00), or true (0x01).


To invert the individual bits in a bit-mask, like your example,

you would use the "~" operator...  gpio &= ~LE;


I hope this helps.


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