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Static Storage Not Initalized As Expected

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Hi SourceBoost team,


To reproduce take the following example:


char a;

char b = 1;

char test1[1];

char test2[2];

char test3[2] = { 1 };

char test4[2] = { 2, 0 };


void main(void)




With or without the -Su option boostc (tested with boostc 6.97 for a PIC12F615) generates


char a;

char b = 1;

01D5 3001 MOVLW 0x01

01D6 00D3 MOVWF gbl_b


char test1[1];

char test2[2];

char test3[2] = { 1 };

01D7 3001 MOVLW 0x01

01D8 00CB MOVWF gbl_test3


char test4[2] = { 2, 0 };

01D9 3002 MOVLW 0x02

01DA 00CD MOVWF gbl_test4

01DB 01CE CLRF gbl_test4+D'1'


According to Ansi (9899/1999 6.7.8) all unused elements should be set to 0, which I expected boostc to do if I left out the -Su flag.


I retested with extra code referencing the uninitalized vars in case the compiler optimized them away, but this did not make any difference.




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