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I’m new to the forum and looking to purchase a license for SourceBoost C (SBC). I have a project that is experiencing problems with another compiler (losing its internal memory index for global variables) and I’m now shopping for something more reliable. I have heard good things about SBC and it comes highly recommended by a developer for a popular simulation tool. But before I go off and spend $’s I would like to get some clarification about the UART functions.


My application code is currently using a software UART for receiving GPS NMEA strings on a std I/O port and I’m unclear if SBC has this ability. I have seen a few things mention “emulation” of UART functions but never located any good examples of this that makes it clear to me. Also is this emulation for transmit only or does it also provide receive functions as well? The success of my proto application hinges upon a quick and simple code port of software UART functions for TX and RX. Perhaps SBC does not offer this as part of its library and if true are there good 3rd-party source code examples available to share?


Now before anyone replies that “why not use the HW UART”, I must make it clear this is not an option because it’s already dedicated for another high speed serial task. In addition the hardware is set too, so switching to a dual UART PIC is not an option either.

I know CCS offers a software UART library and I could go that route, but SBC seems like a better option especially since it integrates very well into Proteus VSM. Can anyone supply clearer information regarding Software UART functions with SBC?





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