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What is required to get compiler support for the PIC18F67k22? Or what files require modifying to allow me to develop code for this processor?

Also any news of when the new 7.0 release is expected? The web post stating that it was "immanent" back in May is a bit missleading. I don't see how a 5 month delay can be classified as "immanent".



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Let I give you some hints about the first part of your question.


You essentially need to create the header file of the new device - PIC18F67K22.h in this case - by editing the header of the closest existing device in the subfolder /include. Then you have to create what SB guys call a 'Target description file'. Those text files have the extension .TDF and you find them into the subfolder \config. Again, you don't have to start from scratch: you will get the new TDF file by editing the existing one which is closest to new variant you need the support for.


Note that if you don't use the SB simulator then many fields in the TDF file can be just left unchanged.

What you need is to change the four initial fields:








where the latest two fields are always 32 and PIC18 for PIC18F family.


Finally, you update the file map.txt (again in the /config subfolder) by including the link of new variant and the name of the associated TDF file you have created right now. This adds the support of the new controller in the list of available targets you can set up from the IDE.


I hope I didn'd forget anything else. ;)

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So, I knew I was forgetting the last step ... ;)


You need to add the following lines in the file BoostCPic18.h


#ifdef _PIC18F67K22
	#include <PIC18F67K22.h>
#endif // _PIC18F67K22


This will include the right header file when you add #include system.h at the beginning of your code.

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