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Addfsr Fsr1, 0x04 ; Inline Assember

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I have found a sourceboost error in version 7.01. with the PIC16F1824


I am using the following inline assember code.


movlw _Key ;

movwf _fsr0 ;

movwf _fsr1 ;

addfsr FSR1,4 ;


Normally FSR0 should be address of _Key and FSR1 should be address of _Key + 4 but addfsr does not work correct.


The above code is compiled to:


01F7 0084 MOVWF gbl_fsr0

01F8 0086 MOVWF gbl_fsr1

01F9 3100 ADDFSR 0, 0x00 <-------------- This is wrong it should be opcode 3144 !!


The compiler makes an error with ADDFSR instruction.


I also found that the compiler makes an error with the moviw FSR0++ instruction since:


moviw FSR0++ ;

moviw FSR1++ ;


are resulting in both a change of FSR0 register and not one increment on FSR0 and one increment on FSR1 as expected.


The following instructions don't compile or with an error.



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