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Button plugin: external Interrupt on RB0

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Bug description:

The debugger do not recognize an external interrupt

activated by a button plugin (reproduceable).


The MPLAB simulator activates the interrupt.

Is this a bug of the debugger?


Button config: PortB, Pin 0


PicAntIDE version:   PicAndIDE 5.0

Compiler:               C2C-plus

Compiler version:     5.0e

OS:                      Windows 2000



void interrupt( void )
  // Never reached this line...
  portb = 23;
  clear_bit( INTCON, INTF);  //clear external Interrupt

void main(void)
option_reg = Bit(INTEDG); //interrupt on rising edge
trisb = 0x01;    
 portb = 0;

enable_interrupt( INTE );  //enable external Interrupt
enable_interrupt( GIE );
while(1); //endless loop

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I've had the same problem, running 5.0.4  Buttons connected to PortB are not causing interrupts, the assembled code works in the PIC ide debugger.  This concerns me as I was just about to purchase a copy of C2C.


Here's the code:

#include <p16f877.h>
void interrupt( void )
 char intFlags = intcon & 0x07;
 portd ^= intFlags;
 intcon = intcon & 0xF8;

 option_reg = 0x07;      // set prescaler to 1:256
 trisd = 0x00;   	 
 trisb = 0xFF;    
 intcon = 0xB8;    


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The simulator currently simulates:

Instruction decoding, ALU, W REG, STATUS register, Program counter, FSR register, RAM File Registers, Stack, TMR0



Interrupt generation from port b is not currently supported, but will be implemented very soon.




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