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possible compiler error with switch statements

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hi pavel

i think there is something wrong with the interpretation of the switch/case/default statement.

when using a single switch/case/default statement, this seems to work, so that the default section is only executed, if no case condition is matching.

...but when there is a case section, containing another switch/case/default statement, this lower order switch/case/default seems not to work properly:

after a 'break' in a case section, the program seems not to proceed at the end of the whole switch/case/default construct. it simply goes to the next 'case'...and to the next 'case', and at the end to the 'default'. i.e. the default section is also executed, if a case section has been executed before.

i think this must be a bug ;-(

(yes, i have a 'break' at the end of each case section)

using a multiple if/then/else construct solved the problem for me, but looks not very nice. so i would be glad if you could check this anyway.



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