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Problem With Typedef'd Struct Pointers As Parameters

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Hi there,


I am porting some code from HITECH and have come across a small problem.


BoostC V7.01


Windows XP


The following code gives a compiler error:

SourceBoostTest.c(15:10): error: arguments of 'TestProc' don't match the parameters of call.


If you change TTestStruct from a struct to a char it compiles OK.

If you don't use typedef, it compiles OK.



#include <system.h>


typedef struct teststruct {

unsigned char a;

} TTestStruct;


typedef TTestStruct* PTestStruct;


void TestProc(PTestStruct aPtr)




void main(void)









Andy Leiper


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That code compiled ok on Linux but it might be more correct to type cast the 0 passed with the data type that TestProc is expecting. The 0 should be promoted to an integer which TestProc is not expecting.


Instead of:








This solved the problem with V6.89. I'll admit that I'm glad the SourceBoost complier flagged this as a problem.

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