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Serious order of precedence problem

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I believe I have found a rather serious error in the compiler.


Bug Description


Basically it is performing logical OR's before logical AND's and as I understand C's order of precedence

it should happen the other way round.


Steps to reproduce


It was drawn to my attention by some code posted on your examples page:



The code is listed as:

This LCD sample application shows how to control HD44780-based character LCD ( by Victor Golutvin):


The function LCD_icmd in the file lcdfunc.c contains the line   LCD = data | LCD&0x0F

(Similar lines also exist in the function LCD_cmd)


This compiles to:


(BTW previously in the main.h file LCD is #defined as equal to "porta")


;;;;;;;; porta = data | porta&0x0F ;



movf param00_LCD_icmd, W

iorwf _porta, W

andlw D'15'

movwf _porta


Expected behaviour


Quite obviously this is doing ((data | LCD) & 0x0F) and not (data | (LCD&0x0F)) as it should be.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable






Fortunately the compiler does take good note of parenthesis so you can force the

correct order of precedence. However in the example in question as it stands

this problem stops the program from outputting anything to porta, so I am presuming

the author of the program compiled it on another version of C2C.


P.S. Even after forcing the correct precedence on the problematical lines I

still can't get the program to work. My hardware works fine with another

program. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone that has made Victor

Golutvin's code work.


Version Info


PicAntIDE version:   V5.0.5

Compiler:            C2C-plus

Compiler version:    V5.0.5e

OS:                  Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A



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