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How Can I Speed Up Interrupt Response?

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Using BoostC compiler on a PIC18F2420.

I have a very time critical application which requires an interrupt response on the order of 25 clocks.


Is there any way to eliminate the saving and restoring of the PROD and FSR0 regs in the interrupt() routine?

This would eliminate about 16 clocks from the routine.


Or is there any way to code the entire interrupt() routine in assembly?




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I have not tried with the following command line switch to Boost Link:




This option only works with PIC18's. When use this prevents the linker adding

extra code for context saving. This allow the programmer to generate their own

minimal ISR context saving code, or have none at all.


There is a bit more description on page 24 of BoostC.pdf version 7 file.

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