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Recently I am playing around this compiler on 16LF1936 chip. Everything looks fine but one problem I found that is:


I wrote the following code:





and it generate the following config figures:


	ORG 0x00008007
8007  CDE4	  DW 0xCDE4
8008  DEFF	  DW 0xDEFF


but when I use CCS's programmer via ccsloader I have a problem in verifying the code from the chip. The reason is the CONFIG read from the chip is not match with the CONFIG in the .hex file.


The read value are:

8007 = 0x0DE4

8008 = 0x1EFF


So how can I make the compiler not to put '1' at the most significant bit?


Can anyone tell me how to do that if there is anyway I can do it!


Thank you in advance

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You can simply add a 0x7fff to the config string like this;


#pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _LVP_OFF & _BORV_19 & _STVREN_ON & _PLLEN_OFF & _WRT_OFF & 0x7fff






It is the right method, but I do not agree with the specified constant - instructions and configuration is 14 bits wide, and it should give a 0x3FFF mask.

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