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I am a bit confuse when to use .h and .c but I definitely sported the differences when using two different files.


When I use .h, in the code I do not need to add #include <system> and the compiler build the project very quickly.


but when I use .c, I need to add #include <system> and the compiler seems to build the project slower because it needs to compile each .c files.


Because I want my main .c code readable in a complex system therefore I decided to spread each small functions or routine into difference files.


At the moment, I use .h only for the MCU's configuration words and global variable declaration and functions with or without "inline" are written in .c file.

I find it very annoying is, the compiler take very long time to build the project when there are more than three .c files.



So can anyone tell me when should I use .h and .c?



Thank you in advance!!!!!!

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...So can anyone tell me when should I use .h and .c?...


Anything that can be shared between several source files goes to .h These are usually defines, typedefs and struct/union/class definitions. Everything else goes to .c files.




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