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I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I thought I had the hang of #define, wrote a whole load of code, got the errors stated, and reduced the code until I removed the errors. Below is the removed code that eliminated the errors:



// Creates the error
volatile char circularFifoUartOutputBuffer [UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH];

// Creates identical error:


What's going on here?



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The statement "#define UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH 16;" tells the pre-processor that every time it sees the string "UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH" it should replace it with "16".

Then you have the statement "if (UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH == 1)" which because of your #define get altered by the pre-processor to "if(16 == 1)" this is obviously rubbish and fortunately the compiler recognises it as such.

One further point, #define statements do not end with a semi-colon and in all probability the rouge semi-colon at the end of the define statement is causing the "Missing right paren" error.

I would imagine that what you probably meant to do was:

unsigned char UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH = 16;

volatile char circularFifoUartOutputBuffer [UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH];


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The semicolon is the problem. We have all done it before and have all spent too much time tacking it down.


Lol yes you were right, that was the problem, thank you!


I thought I'd be able to edit my post so didn't check it thoroughly, I'd reduced the pointless statement I had from:


if (1 == ((UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH + uartPushPos) - uartPopPos) % UART_TX_BUFF_LENGTH){


Which seemed to be giving an error as well, but now it works fine with the semicolon removed so I'm happy! Spent all day pulling hair and scratching head! Thanks Everyone!

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