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Ide Programmer Execution Error 2

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I have just upgraded to Sourceboost v705 from v705 and am now receiving an error when trying to execute the programmer (in this case WinPic800).


The settings in Options/Tools/Programmer havent changed but I now get the follpwing error




C:\Program Files\WinPic800\WinPic800.exe -DPIC18F458 Debug\RemoteStation.hex


Failed to spawn (C:\Program Files\WinPic800\WinPic800.exe -DPIC18F458 Debug\RemoteStation.hex). Check if path to this external application is correct. (Error code 2)


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Don't see any bug yet:

  • Make sure there is WinPic800.exe file inside C:\Program Files\WinPic800
  • enclose programmer path into double quotes (that's because there are spaces inside the path)



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