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Boostc Comma Operator Broken

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Bug description:

Some variations of the comma operator are broken in BoostC.

Description of how it should work:




Steps to reproduce:

example code:


   unsigned char a=1, b=2, c=3, i;

i = (a, ; //gives 2 syntax errors: "missing right paren" and "missing semicolon"

i = a, b;  //works okay: copies a to i and ignores b

i = (a += 2, a + ; //gives 2 syntax errors as above

i = a += 2, a + b;  //works okay except "-Oa" will drop the "+=2" part

i = a, b, c;   //works okay; copies a to i and ignores b and c

i = (a, b, c);  //gives 2 syntax errors as above

i = (a);  //works okay; copies a to i

i = (3);  //works okay; sets i to 3

i = a++, b+c, b++;   //works okay; copies a to i, then incs a and b; middle expr dropped

i = (a++, b+c, b++);   //gives 2 syntax errors as above

void func1(unsigned char param) { porta = param; }
func1((a));   //works okay; passes a to param

func1((a, );  //gives 2 syntax errors as above


Expected behaviour:

The main issue is to accept params around comma-separated expressions and then use the last value.

EDIT: should say "parens", not "params"


The second issue is to not optimize out side effects of comma-separated expressions under aggessive optimization

(see comments above)


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:






Compiler version:

7.10, 7.051, 7.04


Target device:

16F1827, '1823, '688



Windows XP




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