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Wrong Opcode Generated

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Bug description:

The wrong opcode is being generated. (no errors are being reported)


#include "<system.h>"

typedef unsigned char uint8;

//define an inline function so multiple asm can be used within macros:
inline void ADDLW(uint8& value)
asm addlw _value; //generates a movlw instead of addlw

void main(void)
uint8 var @0x300 + 12; //kludge: create var with desired value as its address so it can be passed by reference to inline function

ADDLW(var); //should generate "addlw 12", but generates "movlw 12" instead


Expected behavior:

The example code above should generate "addlw 12", not "movlw 12".


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:






Compiler version:



Target device:PIC16F1827, '1823, '688, etc.



Windows XP



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