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Boost Simulator Not Handling Some Registers

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Bug description:

The simulator is not handling eeadrl+h, eedatl+h, and maybe some others correctly for the 16F1827. The values show up correctly in the Memory window, but not in the Registers window. (I have a screen shot, but not sure how to attach it here). This makes it difficult to debug code that reads/writes flash or eeprom memory. I think trisb is also broken.



Also, the read/write functions (eecon1.RD, etc) are not working. For example, a couple of cycles after raising eecon1.RD, eedatl+h should change but they do not.


Example code:

eeadrh = 0xFF; //lower byte of address of desired read location
eeadrh = 0x4;  //upper address of desired read location
eecon1.EEPGD = 1; //select flash (as opposed to EE) memory
eecon1.RD = 1; //start EE or flash memory read
asm nop;  //DO NOT MOVE next 2 lines; required to correctly read flash
asm nop;
//result should be in eedatl+eedath at this point

Expected behavior:

eedatl+eedath should change after the sequence above.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:






Compiler version:



Target device:




Windows XP




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