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Asm Comment Parsing Errors

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Bug description:

BoostC is not correctly skipping over comments within asm blocks.


Example code:

#include <system.h>

void main(void)
	nop; //comment with asm in it
	nop; //comment with asmprefix in it
	nop; //comment with suffixasm in it
	nop; //comment without it


The first 3 "nop" lines will generate the following error:

file(line): error: error in built-in assembly


Expected behavior:

Compiler should ignore all text on a line after ";" or maybe "//" (depending on how that is supposed to work). If for some reason it must scan comments for the token "asm", then it should at least ignore it when it is part of a larger string (second and third "nop" lines in the example code).


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:






Compiler version:



Target device:

PIC16F1827, etc.



Windows XP



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