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Greetings everyone,


I loaded Sourceboost Version 7.05 into my computer. A new project was created using interrupt.asm, the sample file located in the Sourceboost/sample/asm folder. After setting Toolsuite and Target parameters, I started the assembler and the following errors were prompted in the Sourceboost’s output area:




C:\PROGRA~2\MICROC~1\MPASMS~1\MPASMWIN.exe /pPIC16F84 /q /eDebug\tick.err /lDebug\tick.lst /oDebug\tick.O /xDebug\tick.ref Interrupt.asm && C:\PROGRA~2\MICROC~1\MPASMS~1\MPLINK.EXE /oDebug\tick.cof Debug\tick.O /p16F84 16F84_g.lkr && C:\PROGRA~2\MICROC~1\MPASMS~1\MP2HEX.EXE Debug\tick.cof

Failed to locate output file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceBoost\Samples\Asm\Debug\tick.hex'


Error[108] DEBUG\TICK.COF 1 : Illegal character ( )

Error[129] DEBUG\TICK.COF 2 : Expected (END)

Error[131] DEBUG\TICK.COF 2 : Processor type is undefined





Notes: I have loaded MPLAB IDE v8.88 in my computer and the version of MPASM running is 5.47. I also have attached a file containing the error prompts generated by the assembler.


Thank you all for reading the above.







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