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Plugin Don't Work Correctly

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If i do: set_bit(porta,0) ,set_bit(porta,1) ,.....set_bit(porta,5) in debug mode with led block (8), leds fro 0 to 5 work correctly


If i do set_bit(porta,6) or set:bit(porta,7) led 6 and 7 of leds block (8 leds) plugin dont' go ON



#include <system.h>

#include <boostC.h>




void main( void )



//Configure port A OUT

trisa = 0x00;


set_bit(porta,0); turn ON LED 0

set_bit(porta,1); turn ON LED 1

set_bit(porta,2); turn ON LED 2

set_bit(porta,3); turn ON LED 3

set_bit(porta,4); turn ON LED 4

set_bit(porta,5); turn ON LED 5


set_bit(porta,6); nothing on LED 6

set_bit(porta,7); nothing on LED 7


where is then problem?

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i think i have no analog functions

Maybe you don't, at least the kind we are discussing here, but the PIC certainly has. :unsure:


All of PORTA bits have AN functions.

This functions must be disabled before you use the PORTA pins as digital. HINT: Look for ADCON or ANSEL registers in your datasheet.


Also PORTA pins have lots of alternate functions, including clock related, so you beter take care of a full configuration of the PIC (CONFIGURATION WORDS) before trying to test anything.

As a matter of fact I would use any other port. As a rule of thumb for PICs, PORTA is the least suitable for this kind of quick test because of its multiple functions.

Usually the best port is the one with the higgest designator, that is allways the one with the simplest internal hardware, hence the simplest to configure.


Best regards


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