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Why Does Boostc Rebuild Every Time

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Hi All,


This behaviour used to bug me in MPLAB 8, but i understand that there was no make facility for mplab 8. I have just started using boostc under MPLAB X and it still has the same behaviour. Why does Boost c have to do a complete rebuild every time, even when no source code has changed.


This is problem is exacerbated by the fact that I am forced to run Boost C under virtualbox (currently the only application that I still need windows for) and building a simple project takes more than 2 minutes.


Does anyone know if there is an option to use "make" with BoostC under Mplab X?



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There was a bug in MplabX related to full re-build (in the MplabX generated makefiles it added dependency to a .mk file into nbproject/Makefile-default.mk file and re-generated this .mk file at every build) but it was fixed several months ago. Apart from that we are not aware of any other problems. Maybe you can check the makefiles generated for your project and if timestamp of the dependency file changes after every build?


Can anybody else report about their MplabX build experience?




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