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Free Bootloader Needed 16F886, 887 & 18F2620, 4620

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I have one for the 18F parts you mentioned and other 16F part here:




This works for code produced with the C compiler. I have not tested it with the output of the Basic compiler but it may work.


You will need MPLAB to assemble the boot loader source and select your processor.


Let me know if you have questions.

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Bootloaders can only be used with PICs that have self-write capabilities, so you first have to check if the ones you are using do have this functionality.

Any bootloader will work with BoostBasic, as they load the program in binary form extracted from an HEX file, it doesn't matter what compiler/language was used to produce it.


In order to keep application development simple, try to choose one that sits on the top of the program memory (high addresses) , this way your program has direct access to the interrupt vector.


There are plenty of them available in the net, but you can start by looking at:


Bootloader for PIC16 writen in BoostC (from sample code for BoostC in the sourceboost homepage):



Microchip Application notes:

AN732: http://www.microchip...ppnote=en011788

AN851: http://www.microchip...ppnote=en012031

AN1310: http://www.microchip...ppnote=en546974



EDIT: I was already editing my post when Trossin replyed.



Best regards


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