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Specifying The Path To Header Files

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I'm new to boostc and the boost ide.


In the project I'm working on I have



#include <system.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <eeprom.h>

#include <BoostCPic16.h>

#include <boostc.h>


and the code calls eeprom_read & eeprom_write.


I get errors saying "Unresolved external function: eeprom_read(unsigned char)"


I have a pro licence and goodies licence.


How do I tell the IDE where to look for the library files?


I'm on win7.


Thanks for your help,



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Thank you. I have tried that, but it seems to make no difference.


Should it look different to this:




You need to add the eeprom.pic16.lib or eeprom.pic18.lib file to the project tree.



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