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Sourceboost V7.11 Release

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SourceBoost v7.11 is available to download from the main download page at http://www.sourceboo...onDownload.html


Change log

  • fixed debugger watch issue when debugger incorrectly handled structs that contained pointers
  • fixed errors in compiler code generation for comparison expressions that contained signed short vars
  • installation now shows confirmation when MPLAB integrate and VC++ 2008 redist buttons are pressed
  • fixed ide problem when words TODO or FIXME in the sources caused file save problems
  • fixed BoostC++ integration into ide that was broken in 7.10 release
  • fixed settings and build problems in several examples supplied in the installation
  • fixed watch window for very big values for unsigned long type
  • fixed problem when debug session wasn't closed correctly when another workspace was opened during debugging
  • boostlink.exe renamed into boostlink_picmicro.exe
  • installation modified to check DEP settings only if wmic.exe is present
  • installation updated to include vc2008 redistributives
  • removed -swcs linker option from proj file (this option is stored in config file and is auto-generated if missing in novo projects)
  • re-built lcd_helper.lib library from BoostBasic examples using latest tools
  • open workspace now lets user select from both workspace and project files
  • ide changed to store extra options in config file
  • updated ide check for novo based projects that have missing -swcs linker option
  • fixed random ide crash
  • fixed bug when ide did not enclose prebuild.bat and postbuild.bat commands into double quotes if their path contained spaces
  • fixed (disabled?) crash under Windows 7 64bit "The activation context being deactivated is not the most recently activated one"
  • fixed bug in error reporting when target config file was not found
  • PIC18 eeprom library split into 2: 8 and 16 bit addressing
  • fixed Novo bug: tasks executed when not expected. Caused by incorrect capture to maximum task priority.
  • added #ifndef and #endif into system headers to prevent multiple inclusion of header files.
  • added sorting for files in the workspace tree
  • updated mplabx plugin
  • fixed problem when compiler was reported an error for function pointer declaration when one extern and another not extern were used
  • fixed problem in IDE when wizard didn't work if there was no active project (i.e. in empty workspace)
  • fixed problem when release build didn't parse empty bit names in config file correctly (i.e. BitNames = "","","","NOT_TO","NOT_PD","Z","DC","C" ;)
  • fixed problem when optimisation (dead code removal) was being applied when it shouldn't.
  • fixed linker bug when code page switch lost in some functions containing asm code
  • fixed problem when setup didn't stop build service and this caused error later when service file was supposed to be overwritten
  • fixed problems with expressions enclosed into parentheses
  • increased various preprocessor limits like macros size or include depth

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SourceBoost Software Package V7.11(.zip file) file seems to be corrupted (4.8mB)

SourceBoost Software Package V7.11(.exe file) this file is ok. (23.5mB)

Thanks for letting us know, it's now fixed.




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Hi, David

I just used V7.11 to compile a project. I found the v7.11 compiler will give an error message if I use '&(variable_name)' to pass a pointer to a function. But it will succeed if I use '&variable_name' instead.

But, in version 7.1, it is okay.


Here is the test code.


#include <system.h>

int MyFunction(int *ptrValue);

void main()


int input=16;

int result;

result=MyFunction(&input); // this will succeed, but if changed to result=MyFunction( &(input) ); it fails to compile.



int MyFunction(int *ptrValue)




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If I correctly recall my "C" syntax, the form "&(varname)" seems a bit odd.

Whatever is inside "()" is an expression or a type cast, aplying the "&" operator to it will be trying to get the address of the result of an expression or the type cast not the address of an identifier.



Just my 2 cents....



Best regards




http://lists.canonic...ber/000201.html (sepcifically unary-expression, postfix-expression and cast-expression rules)


http://www.cs.man.ac...nf/c_syntax.k_r descendant of http://www.cs.man.ac...jj/bnf/bnf.html

Edited by JorgeF
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