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Souceboost 7.11 And Mplabx 1.70 - What Am I Doing Wrong?

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I hope I am posting this is the right place...

I am attempting to integrate the SourceBoost compilers with the (current) latest version of MPLAB X, v1.70. I've been following the instructions found in the MplabX_Plugin.pdf file in the SourceBoost installation.


I can get as far as installing the plug-in, but run into problems when attempting to add the toolchain.


I put "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost" in the Base Directory input (yes, this is the installation folder - I used the navigation option to find it), but instead of getting options in the Type drop-down, I get an error message that reads "Base directory does not contain a toolchain".


Skipping ahead to the next page in the instructions, I see that the compiler line should reference "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\xlaunch.exe". I have verified that this file does actually exist, so the problem is not that MPLAB can't find it because it doesn't exist.


Does anyone know what MPLAB X 1.70 would not recognize it as a toolchain?



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Look at the toppic:

Pinned Problems And Workaround When Trying To Add Sourceboost Toolchain In Mplabx Fails


you can find this toppic at:

  1. SourceBoost support forum
  2. PIC and SX Embedded Programming
  3. BoostC and C2C compilers programming

It is a work around, I hope it will be fixed in the next relaese.



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