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Build And Target Changes

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While doing some tests on a "bug report" I noticed that a target change (settings -> target) is not considered as a project change for a "build".

In fact the "build" -> "change target" -> "build" sequence does not result in the project beeing rebuilt.


For this kind of operation we need to make some minor source code changes, like adding a space or a blank line to each source file or use "rebuild all" (buiild -> rebuild all) to force a new build.

But when we get into "cruise control" mode we just it the "B" on the toolbar.



I am aware that in a strict approach this is correct behaviour because "make" uses the source files timestamp to decide on the need of new compilations and/or linkage.

But it would be nice that "make" would recognise changes in the target device, like it does with compiler and/or linker options (settings->options)..



Maybe adding a dependency on the project file (myproj.__c) to the makefile can do the job.



Best regards


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