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Some Practical Workspace Improvement Requests

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Dear developers of sourceboost:

Please take a look at these requests for easier working with worksspaces and projects in them.


It would be very convenient to be able to have an overview of all available workspaces.


Being able to choose to view all workspaces and show them integrated into the treeview or not, current system, keep zoomed in on the current workspace. An option in View to toggle between the two treeviews would be nice. (Something like a selection box with the text Workspace)


This would allow easier changing things from workspaces when reoganizing things.


Being able to easily switch workspace when dealing with multiple ones would be welcome, although not a feature everyone will constantly use..


The menu workspace could also use a change workspace item. This would make it easier to change the workspace a developer is working in.


These improvements would help to make workspaces faster and easier to use.


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