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Debug Error With Pic12F1822

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Bug description:
When using debug the port is not shown correctly

Steps to reproduce:




trisa = 0x00;
porta = 0x3f;


Expected behaviour:

This should show 0x37 for porta instead it shows 0x1f

(I suspect confusion between port_bit and chip pin number .... RA3 is input only and is pin 4, RA4 is R/W on pin 3)

Is the problem 100% reproduceable:


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 7.12 and 7.20
Compiler: Compiler BoostC
Compiler version: Compiler version & ..... I think
Target device: PIC12F1822
OS: OS Windows XP


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Your code doesn't show the config fuses.

Are you sure that there is no special functions on those pins that are afected by the configs?

Note that RA4 (pin3) is also, among many other functions, OSC2 (for external clock source) and CLKOUT, features that are controled by the _CONFIGs.


As for the RA3 (pin4) it is indeed only input, but I found nothing in the datasheet that says that the bit doesn't exist in the output latch.



Best regards


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