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Unsigned Int Sometime Fail With 16F887 And Optimization Flag = On

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sometime with unsigned int variable and optimization flag = on, compiler fail in some comparison test:


unsigned int i; // in asm file: gbl_i EQU 0x00000050 ; bytes:2


if (i==0)


do something



the generated code (some times, randomly), this is:



movf gbl_i, f

btfss status, z

goto label


the code:


movf gbl_i+D'1', f

btfss status, z


is missing, so when value is 256 the expression is condidered true.


Recompiling all work fine for some times but it can appear in other part of code with other variable with the same comparison type.


Apparently appear to be optimization the cause, but i'm not sure, i'll see it with the time. In the meantime I can only hope that the 500 elevators with only the firmware recompiled not have the problem.





Please do not consider this post, i found that sometime Build Fail and sometime no.

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