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Wizard enhancement

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The wizard's great, though I'm sure there are still lots of things one could

do to improve it. A couple of thoughts I had whilst trialling PicAntIDE,

were that the Wizard doesn't keep previous setups and this would be

very useful as both a reminder of "what I did" and a base to evolve from.


It also occurred to me as I created my own spreadsheet "PIC Resource

Allocation Sheet", that this also would be a really handy addition to the

Wizards features. Text, CSV, .ini or similar would seem fine to me. This

could also be used as the template file. My spreadsheet has the

pin-functions in columns with the pin number for various chips and the

purpose to which I put it. This helps a lot to avoid conflicts with ICD/ICSP

ports, I2C ports, UART Ports and so on.


Best regards,

                      Gordon Scott.

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