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Wizzard Enhancement

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I would like to suggest a Wizard enhancment.  I like the way it works (I'm sure the bugs will be worked out eventually  :( ) but there is one issue that has hit me several times.


If you don't select a project target the wizard will fail.  This is to be expected (where would the code go?) but then the wizard closes.  It doen't give you a chance to go back and fix the change.


And once the wizard closes, that's it - you have to re-select all your options again.  This may not sound like a big deal, but you could easily have over 20 clicks.  Make one mistake now it's 40. Mess up again now 60...


Another nice option would be that once the code has actually been generated to be able to go back to the wizard with the options loaded as previously selected.  That way you could inspect the code and then say - oops I selected wrong target. Then you could use the wizard to just change the target and everything else would be remembered.


Of course the pipe dream would be for it to only alter the wizard generated code and leave any changes.  At first look this seems very complicated, but really the wizard code could be delmited by comments to make it easier for replacement.


/* [WIZARD CODE BEGIN] Code between comments will be rewritten by the wizard */
 char someVar;
 char anotherVar;

/* Todo: Add your code below */


I wouldn't mind helping you with the Wizard code if you need assistance.


Thanks and good luck! :)



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