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Two Serial Ports 1 Hard, 1 Soft For 16F877A

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I would like to use 2 serial ports on a 16f877a.

One would be receiving data from a GPS module at 9600 and I think would be better using the built in uart.

The second is output only at 2400, sending a data packet of about 30 characters one a second

Is this feasible and if so how would I set this up using the ScourceBoost UART template.



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SB UART library is designed only for those PIC's that contain a UART (EUSART) hardware module. See users manual for details. It does not offer software UART capability.


To create you own software UART transmit output, it's really a simple matter of applying a timer set up to generate an interrupt every 416uS indicating when to write a data bit to a port pin (+ start and stop bits too).

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There are a number of soft (bit banged) UATs available in the Net, both in 'C' or 'ASM'.

Just choose one with a good explanation and adapt it.


Best regards


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Thanks for the replies.


I noted this text in the rs232_driver.h which specifically says software emulation.


I am confused




// Serial Communications Library
// Author(s): Andrew Smallridge
// Date 15 November 2004
// Copyright© 2004-2006 Andrew Smallridge
// Copyright© 2004-2010 Pavel Baranov
// Copyright© 2004-2010 David Hobday
// Existing constants predefined for serial hardware driver and software
// emulation for the PIC 16F87x, PIC18F2xx and 18F4xx processors.
// For hardware support on other PICs the constants must be mapped to
// the corresponding register map of the target device

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