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18F45K50 Portd And Porte Issues


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When I compile the following I get errors relating to unknown registers on the 18F45K50 device.


trise = 0x00;


LKPSU_Firmware.c(2716:25): error: unknown identifier 'trise'
LKPSU_Firmware.c(2716:25): error: invalid operand 'trise'

commands to portd also generate errors but not as straightforward. the FC_CAL function is my abstraction function which works well on other devices.


LKPSU_Firmware.c(6126:12): error: invalid operand 'FC_CAL_Port_In_DDR__x((&FCP_PORT_D), (&FCP_TRIS_D), ( 0x1), ( 0x0))'
LKPSU_Firmware.c(6126:8): error: failed to generate expression
LKPSU_Firmware.c(6163:43): error: invalid identifier

Is there any way I can fix this? I have promised firmware to the Chinese for December the 25th and have it all done and ready to go except it won't currently compile on this device!


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Managed to make it work correctly by changing this in the BoostCPic18.h file. Might be other things lurking!


#ifdef _PIC18F45K50
- #include <PIC18F24K50.h>
+ #include <PIC18F45K50.h>
#endif // _PIC18F45K50



And this change in the PIC18F45K50.h file.


volatile char ccp2con @CCP2CON;
+volatile char trise @TRISE;
+volatile char trisd @TRISD;
volatile char trisc @TRISC;


volatile char ctmuconl @CTMUCONL;
+volatile char late @LATE;
+volatile char latd @LATD;
volatile char latc @LATC;


volatile char porte @PORTE;
+volatile char portd @PORTD;
volatile char portc @PORTC;



- indicates a line removed and + indicates a line added

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