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Sourceboost V7.30

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A new version of SourceBoost 7.30 is ready and available to download from http://www.sourceboost.com What's new:


1. Improved compiler speed. Now it is about 3x faster.
2. Added IP library that implements the following protocols: ARP, ICMP (ping only), IP, UDP, DHCP (client) and simplified UDP sockets.
3. General improvements of BoostWizard
4. Added support for board files into BoostWizard
5. Added support for binary semaphores into Novo
6. Added UDP demo project (requires Novo libraries from goodies.exe)
7. Added support for 16F1459 and 16LF1708
8. Fixed code generation for left shift of byte by 16
9. Fixed error when result of complex expression that used left shift wasn't promoted to 32 bits
10. Added detailed description of long promotion into compiler help





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Well it installed and ran OK.


Having problems extracting the goodies.exe

It tells me I need a licence key but does not bring up a box to enter it.

Goodies program just exits.


Any clues to what I seem to have done wrong ?


Going back to V7.22 as the Goodies extraction works.




Reynard :(


A little update before I took a backwards step.


I installed V7.30 on my old 13yr old XP machine.

SourceBoost ran OK as did the Goodies extraction.


As I only required the novo.c file I just copied it across to my current W8.1 64bit.

I can now rebuild all my novo libraries and get back to normal.


Still curious to why Goodies didn't work on my current machine.

Ran Goodies as administrator and inside an administrator DOS window without success.


Someone will have the answer. I hope!





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Someone will have the answer. I hope!


I tried SourceBoost installation on a 'clean' Windows 8.1 64bit computer that had never SourceBoost installed. The installation went fine and after installation I was able to register goodies using preg just fine (remember that after you select 'goodies' inside preg you need to press 'OK' and that will bring up another dialog where you enter your goodies license name and key). After that I started goodies and they extracted files (including Novo) without any problems.




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Thanks Pavel,


That's where I went wrong. I forgot I had to use preg.exe to register the Goodies code then use goodies.exe


Not a program (preg) you use very often.


Many thanks, all working now.



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I'm running Win 10 Pro and add no problems installing it,

Both on a machine upgraded from Win10 home to Pro and on another with a native install of Pro, everything went fine.


Try to download it again, you might have an error in the install package.



BTW: I used the "exe" download.



Best regards


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