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I am working on some math for PIC16F1519. I found a forum (this thing won't let me paste the link or the code in here (I don't understand that, but whatever). If you search Googe for "lprintf format sourceboost", the first link takes you to the code I am referring to.


Anyway, the problem is not with the code (I don't think). I have added flot.h to the list of includes, but when I try to build the project I get a list of erros : Unresolved external function: 'float32_to_int32(float)'. I get errors likke this for all the functions I'm calling from the float header file. What do I need to do to fix this? I thought including the header file was all I needed to do to be able to use the included functions.

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You need to add the float library to your project.


Right click on the project and select "add files(s) to project"

Find the library under SourceBoost/Lib. For you it will be "float.pic16.lib"


See manual page 8.





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