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Mplabxv3.30 "could Not Generate Makefiles"

L de vries

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Situation 2 computers:

win7 32 bit, another computer win10 64bit.



Sourceboost v7.30 installed in "C:\Program_Files\Sourceboost" on both systems. (no spaces in path name).

MPlabx 3.26 installed by default settings and sourceboost plugin installed.

Source boost projects compile, and link without problems.


After UN-install MPlabx 3.26, and installation of MPlabx 3.30 Sourceboost plugin installation works without warnings.


when I restart MPlabx, MPlabx v3.30 gives a warning: "Could not generate makefiles for configuration default" and compiling Sourceboost projects in MPlabx is not possible any more.


Switching back to "Situation before" (MPlabx 3.26) does solve the problem.

This situation behaves the same on both systems (win7 and win10)


Is an update of the Sourceboost plug-in necessary ?

Or is there a work around to use Sourceboost in combination of MPlabx v3.30.


I have re-installed MPlab 8.92 for use with Sourceboost now (with use of ICD2 and pickit 2)

For new projects with new target chips, I use MPlabx v3.30 in combination of XC8 compiler with ICD3.


I hope Sourceboost comes with updates for the plug-in and the many new pic16F1xx targets.

Sourceboost is a great product,specially in combination with the 16F1 targets running small but reliable firmware.

Suggestion : keep source boost simple and do not try to defeat XC8 with complexity,

beet it with small reliable software for a fair price, for an MCU that suits it , focus on the new small 16F1 targets.

Leave the complexity and the frameworks for the ARM processors and compilers.


I am afraid Sourceboost is going out of support, but I hope that I am wrong on that.

And if Source boost is a dead end, well, then I thank Pavel and Dave for the great software I used so many years with satisfaction.





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