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Little annoyances

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I find some of the compiler warnings a little annoying.


In particular


Warning: Built-in variables are obsolete. Use variables defined inside the system header file


This seems to be generated for every compilation regardless of whether I have

actually used built-in variables or not. If I do use built-in variables then the

number of the offending line would be nice.



Warning: Parameter value of delay_us must be between 16 and 255


Again it would be nice to have a line number, and really I would never like to

see this again as a Warning:, it should only appear as an Error: if I pick a us

value outside the bounds given. At the minute this warning seems to appear

whenever my code has delay_us() function in.



Warning: Can't map context saving variables into mapped ram area. Check if the piccont4.pat or piccont2.pat script is used (in the 'Scripts' directory)


I understand the need for this Warning but again it appears needlessly. It

appears in code for which I have no interrupt() function, and if I have no

interrupt function then why would I care about context saving. It's appearance

seems totally unaffected by the options "Insert default interrupt handler" and

"Context saving during interrupt". At least it does disappear when you pick a

target that has RAM locations that are accessible from all banks. I did also manage

to get the warning to disappear in a couple of my test programs that were

targeted at processors without RAM locations that are accessible from all banks

but I am not sure how, the warnings appearance must be dependent on another



I would also like the following registry entry added via the installer, so I can

just double click on my project files to open them:







@="\"C:\\Program Files\\PicAnt\\PicAntIDE.exe\" \"%1\""



@="C:\\Program Files\\PicAnt\\PicAntIDE.exe,0"

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