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Array Of Objects Boostc++

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This is just an example for who needs something alike also to c++ experts comments that are very welcome.

Purpose: .create a list of objects and do something with them

Device: pic18Fxxx

// file: students.h

#ifndef _STUDENTS_H_
#define _STUDENTS_H_

typedef unsigned char uchar;

#define STUDENTS   64                           // max number of students

class Student                                   // 
        uchar s_id;                             // data member
        uchar s_age;                            // data member
        void AddStudent( uchar *pustudent );    // function member

extern Student StuList[ STUDENTS ];             // studets list

// file: student.cpp

#include <system.h>
#include "students.h"

class Student StuList[STUDENTS];                  // list of students

void Student::AddStudent( uchar *pstudent ) // AddStudent
    s_id  = *pstudent++;                    // update id
    s_age = *pstudent;                      // update age

void main()
    uchar adata[2];                         // buffer from where data comes from
    for( uchar i=0; i<STUDENTS; i++ )       // Lets fill all students [0..63]
        adata[0] = i+1;                     // data to be stored
        adata[1] = i+1;
        StuList[i].AddStudent( adata );     // add student id&age

i did AddStudent member this way because i needed to pass a buffer with data received from the serial port.

It works perfect, but suggestions are welcome.


I also did it with an array of structures that results shorter in ram resources.

Using classes an additional byte is consumed for each element.



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