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Pic16 Boostc Far Array Indexing Error

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I found that the index of a far array is only calculated with an 8-bit addition without considering the overflow.

You will find a code example and the resulting assembler file in the attachment.

I think this is an error, at least in the documentation this is not mentioned.


Best regards,


PS attaching a .asm or .casm don't work, so you will find it below:


#include "PIC16F1847.h"
unsigned char uc_arr[192] @0x2270;
void main(void)
unsigned char cnt;
for(cnt = 0; cnt < 192; cnt++) {
0004 0020 MOVLB 0x00
0005 01A0 CLRF main_1_cnt
0006 label1
0006 30C0 MOVLW 0xC0
0007 0220 SUBWF main_1_cnt, W
0008 1803 BTFSC STATUS,C
0012 0AA0 INCF main_1_cnt, F
0013 2806 GOTO label1
uc_arr[cnt] = cnt;
000A 3022 MOVLW HIGH(gbl_uc_arr)
000B 0085 MOVWF FSR0H
000C 3070 MOVLW LOW(gbl_uc_arr+D'0')
000D 0084 MOVWF FSR0L
000E 0820 MOVF main_1_cnt, W
000F 0784 ADDWF FSR0L, F
0010 0820 MOVF main_1_cnt, W
0011 0080 MOVWF INDF0
0009 0008 RETURN
// Code with no source :-)
0000 2814 GOTO _startup
0014 _startup
0014 3180 MOVLP 0x00
0015 2804 GOTO main



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you can use a pointer as a workaround, it generates correct code.



#include <system.h>
unsigned char uc_arr[192]@0x2270;
void main(void)
    unsigned char cnt;
    unsigned char *ptr = uc_arr;
    for(cnt = 0; cnt < 192; cnt++)
        *ptr++ = cnt;

generated code

(lines reordered in program flash address order)


// Code with no source :-)
0000  2819   GOTO _startup
                             for(cnt = 0; cnt < 192; cnt++) {
0009  01A0   CLRF main_1_cnt
000A        label1
000A  30C0   MOVLW 0xC0
000B  0220   SUBWF main_1_cnt, W
000C  1803   BTFSC STATUS,C
000D  0008   RETURN
                             *ptr++ = cnt;
000E  0822   MOVF main_1_ptr+D'1', W
000F  0085   MOVWF FSR0H
0010  0821   MOVF main_1_ptr, W
0011  0084   MOVWF FSR0L
0012  0AA1   INCF main_1_ptr, F
0013  1903   BTFSC STATUS,Z
0014  0AA2   INCF main_1_ptr+D'1', F
0015  0820   MOVF main_1_cnt, W
0016  0080   MOVWF INDF0
0017  0AA0   INCF main_1_cnt, F
0018  280A   GOTO label1
0019        _startup
0019  3180   MOVLP 0x00
001A  2804   GOTO main
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The problem must be related to the index size (-idx) of the compiler and linker command lines.

But the option for an index size of 2 bytes is only available on the PIC18 compiler (large memory model).

Looks like this RAM access improvement on the PIC16F1xxx family as created a problem for the PIC16 compilers.


The pointer workaround works because the maths are done on the pointer variable and not on the indexing SFRs.



Just my 2 cents on guessing...


Best regards


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