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Can't register the licence?

Guest Koji Itaya

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I had similar problems yesterday. I purchased the proc C++ license, removed my 6.92 installation and downloaded and installed the latest 7.42 package.

Ran preg as administrator but "invalid username/password" was reported.

Emailed to support@sourceboost.com but haven't had a reply yet.



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Hi Reynard,

I purchased a new full pro C++ version (U7669769202) - not an upgrade. I uninstalled my 6.92 version and installed version 7.42.

I received a new license key from SWReg (see snippet below) entered the user name and new key provided  using administrator rights in preg.

And it Failed saying "Invalid User/License key"




Thank you for your registration. Below is your single node
license key for BoostC++ compiler version 7.x Pro edition
which is part of the SourceBoost installation package.

Before entering your key information please download and
install the latest SourceBoost release version from

You have been registered for the BoostC++ Pro edition version:


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Hey Chris -

I purchased the BoostC++ compiler a couple of months ago, and received the licence information from SWReg as you did.

But, before I had chance to enter the licence, I received an email from Pavel with a different licence key to use instead.  I got the impression from other posts on the forum that they had had problems with the licence server and were emailing the keys out manually.  

Not sure if this still applies or applies in your case, but worth an email to "support" ?



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Sorry about the confusion and let's try to sort this out. What product is the key for? Based on the screenshot that you provided it seems that the product is BoostC Pro but you try to register either plugins or IDE. Keys are valid only for products they were issued for and will not work with other products.

Please email details to support@sourceboost.com and we'll sort this out.





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