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License Registration not working

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I have installed Sourceboost 7.42 and ran preg.exe as administrator, entered my name and license key, clicked OK and it says:



boostc_pic16.exe: success
boostc_pic18.exe: success


However when I click the build button in the IDE the linker always complains:



License restricted by the following files:
Recompile the code with a less restrictive compiler license!
License exceeded by RAM: 880 bytes
License exceeded by ROM: 2448 bytes

You have reached the limit of the Lite License (Unregistered)
PIC18 max code size:8192 bytes, max RAM banks:2, Non commercial use only
You can upgrade your license. Please visit: http://www.sourceboost.com


What can be wrong?

OS is Windows 10 64bit

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Assuming those object files are part of your code, the linker might be trying to reuse them without a new compilation.

Just force a full recompilation of all the source code.



Best regards



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Already tried that yesterday through build->clean and didn't solve the problem but today I deleted the files from the "Release" folder manually, then I did a recompile and it worked!

Some source code files are in a sub directory in my project dir and it seems the IDE doesn't remove the .obj files for the .c that are in the subdirectory when you do build -> clean.

Thanks for the help


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