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Support for PIC18 with 4 and 5 USARTs

Guest Paulo Robalo

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Guest Paulo Robalo

Dear Pavel, Dave

There are some "new" PICs with 4 and 5 USARTs! lots of connectivity...
It would be nice if Sourceboost would support them :)

4 USARTs family (9 types) : PIC18F65,66,67,85,86,86,95,96,97J94
5 USARTs family (3 types) : PIC18F65,66,67K40


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Hi there,

As far as I can see, J94 types are not supported and I have no idea if the compiler will continue to be upgraded or not.
The 18(l)fxxk40 types, they are supported, but the header files are incomplete, so i wrote a simple tool to generate them from the "inc" files included in the mplabx/v4.10/mpasmx.
I can put them here if the owners of sourceboost allow me to... i have no idea about legal stuff.

Optionally it can be done by modifying the files provided by microchip, using an editor with macros in order to turn the job less painfull... for instance, p18lf67k40 has about 6700 lines.


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