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Guest Craig96

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Guest Craig96

I'm new to C-Programming, i have downloaded the application over 5 times now. I am trying to get it to just compile. I have created my file path and opened a new workspace and project.

But every time i try i get this error. Could really use some help diagnosing as i am at my wits end after 5 minutes and i thought this was going to be fun..


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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I don't see any error, just what should be expected when compiling an empty program.

BoostC is an optimizing compiler meaning it throws away any unused code.

Your "main" function is empty, so there is no generated object code (Assignement.obj), hence the linker can't find it.


Put something usefull inside your "main" function and the linker will find an object file to link.





Best regards




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