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division error boostc/boostc++ under mplab x

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#include <system.h>
typedef unsigned char uchar;
void main()
    uchar j=20;
    uchar i = (j/10);

Compiling the little snipet above under mplabx, it return errors like this:

Error: Unresolved external function:'__div_8_8(unsigned char,unsigned char)'

depending of the evaluated expression the error could be:

Error: Unresolved external function:'__div_16_16(unsigned char,unsigned char)'

Surprinsingly, the same not happens to 16/32 bit multiplications.

The solution is to include libc.pic16.lib or libc.pic18.lib, depending the pic family we are using.

This could be done, under mplabx/File/Project Properties. Now in the Project Properties Window, select Libraries and Add Library/Object File, choose <libc.pic1x.lib> and thats it.

Alternately, it can be done following the procedure above but picking Linker instead Libraries and add <libc.pic1x.lib> in the Additional Options.

P.S. the same procedure works with floats.


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to correct the P.S. statement
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The same solution works for all libs.

Also its valid to the old MPLab 8.xx as for MPLab X.


If memory is not tricking me, this is documented in the manuals.


Best regards



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