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Incorrect code generated

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Bug description:

The compiler generates incorrect code for the following statement -

while (c -= 1)


Steps to reproduce:

My source code is this -

#define BSIZE 120
unsigned char RxBuffer[BSIZE]@0x100;
unsigned char TxBuffer[BSIZE]@0x200;
unsigned char RamSwapArea[16U]@0x300;

void main()
	asm lfsr 1, _RxBuffer
	asm lfsr 2, _TxBuffer
	unsigned char c = BSIZE;
	while (c -= 1)
		asm movff _postinc1, _postinc2

The bug is the statement "while (c -= 1)" generates an INFSNZ instruction, even though variable c is being decremented.

Here is the disassembly listing - 

13:            #define BSIZE 120
14:            unsigned char RxBuffer[BSIZE]@0x100;
15:            unsigned char TxBuffer[BSIZE]@0x200;
16:            unsigned char RamSwapArea[16U]@0x300;
18:            void main()
19:            {
20:            	asm lfsr 1, _RxBuffer
0008  EE11     LFSR 1, 0x100
000A  F000     NOP
21:            	asm lfsr 2, _TxBuffer
000C  EE22     LFSR 2, 0x200
000E  F000     NOP
23:            	unsigned char c = BSIZE;
0010  0E78     MOVLW 0x78
0012  6E01     MOVWF c, ACCESS
24:            	while (c -= 1U)
0014  4A01     INFSNZ c, F, ACCESS
001C  D7FB     BRA 0x14
25:            	{
26:            		asm movff _postinc1, _postinc2
001A  FFDE     NOP
27:            	}
28:            }
0016  0012     RETURN 0

Expected behaviour:

The instruction at address 0014 should be 'DCFSNZ c, F, ACCESS

Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

100% every time


IDE version:   MPLAB-X 4.15 (64-bit)

Compiler:      BoostC++ Optimizing C++ Compiler Version 7.43 (for PIC18 architecture)

Compiler version:     V7.43

Target device: PIC18F8527

OS:                   Windows 10 Pro 64-bit



Have included the source files -


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I've confirmed the Bug, both for C and C++.

But as I can't solve it, I would suggest 2 alternatives that generate correct code:



while(c = c -1)




Best regards



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