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Compiler hangs with in-line assembly

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Bug description:

Compiler hangs indefinitely with the following source -

Steps to reproduce:

This file is "TClass.hpp" -

unsigned char ReadFlash(unsigned int FlashAddr)
        _tblptru = 0
        _tblptrh = _FlashAddr
        _tblptrl = _FlashAddr+1
    return tablat;


Expected behaviour:

This should compile with no errors


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

100% every time


IDE version:   MPLAB-X V4.20

Compiler:               BoostC++

Compiler version:     V7.43

Target device: PIC18F8527

OS:                     Win 7



Compiles if the three lines relating to _tblptrx are commented out.

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Compiler hanging is not good and we will look into this but your code does not look correct either. Everything inside the asm{} block should be assembly language. Anything else including C statements like _tblptru = 0 will not work.




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