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Chameleon compile errors with NOVO, switch statement.

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Using MPLabX ver 5.15 with SourceBoost 7.43.

Working to compile an existing project with the Chameleon compiler, found these problems(which compiled OK with BoostC):

1)Got a strange error when trying to compile a switch statement using an enumeration:

Attached file newmain.c failed with this error:

newmain.c(28):  error: missing closing curly bracket (1)

Compile succeeds if the statement case SSStart: is replaced with case 0:


2)Definition of enum EN_TASK_STATUS in novo.h fails compile due to trailing comma:

    TS_NOT_STOPPED        = 00000111b,
    TS_IN_RUN_Q            = 00000001b,
    TS_IN_SLEEP_Q        = 00000010b, // a task can be in the event queue
    TS_IN_EVENT_Q        = 00000100b, // and wait queue at the same time
    TS_EVENT_TIMEOUT    = 00001000b,
    TS_IS_WAKING        = 00010000b,  //***** remove this trailing comma to fix! *******


3)Novo Sys_Sleep(TICK_COUNT) compile fails because TICK_COUNT defined as unsigned int and Sysi_Sleep wants unsigned short or unsigned char arg.

   Strangely, I could not fix this by editing the TICK_COUNT typedef in novocfg_PICxxxxx.h file, I had to define the variable I used in Sys_Sleep call as unsigned short.



usTicks = 10;



unsigned short usTicks;

usTicks = 10;




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