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Different results when compiling with BoostC vs Chameleon

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When I compile the attached program with BoostC and Chameleon, the configuration bits are not the same. I made the program very simple and covered all possible configuration bits.

With BoostC I get : 0E3C 0E1F 0300 0081 C00F E00F 400F

Chameleon:             0E1D 0007 0300 0081 C00F E00F 400F

I also noticed that the timing for both programs are not correct.

I am running the latest version (8.01).

I have been using BoostC for years and this is the first time I experience something like this.

Any help/comment would be appreciated.



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Yes, for whatever reason Chameleon removes the high byte of the configuration word. (e.g. If the config word should be 0x3F30 the resulting Chameleon hex file will show it as 0x0030.)  I did not discover this until I started flashing my MCUs and found that none of the configuration fuses were correct.

And a second point:  On the average Chameleon will produce a hex file about 1.5 times larger than one produced by BoostC.  Again, I don't know why it does this. (It's supposed to be an optimizing compiler.) This is only my experience from using it.  Needless to say I use BoostC as my toolsuite.  It's probably not being updated or improved but it is free (well, donation-ware anyway) and is adequate for my (amateur) electronic projects.

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