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I am trying to print a rom string to the serial port, the strings are defined thus:

rom char *test_txt = "\n\rMatrix Controller Test mode\n\r";
rom char *txt1 = "Connect an 80R 10W resistor across pins 11 and 19\n\r";
rom char *txt2 = "Press Enter when ready\n\r";

i use the following call:

puts (test_txt);

where puts() is:

void puts(rom char* c)
char cc;
char i;
for( i = 0; cc = c[ i ]; i++ )
putc( cc );

void putc(char c)
txsta.TXEN = 1;
txreg = c;
while (txsta.TRMT == 0) clear_wdt();

But all of the strings are printed one after the other and then looping to the start again until the 255 char limit is reached, it appears that the routine isn't detecting the end of string \0 - i also tried putting a \0 at the end os each string, I have checked the prog mem and each rom strings ends in a retlw 0

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, i'm using a pic16F887 processor, the above code works fine on a pic 18F25 series chip


rob carter


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Delayed reply, even thus maybe helpfull for others

As Reynard said, why not...

#include <system.h>

// zero at the end, to end of string detection
rom char *test_txt = "\n\rMatrix Controller Test mode\n\r\0";

void puts( rom char* c )
    for( unsigned char i=0;;i++ )
        while( !txsta.TRMT ) clear_wdt();
        if( c[i] != 0 ) { txreg = c[i]; } else break;

void main( void )
    puts( test_txt );


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